Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Children have these common fears – bugs, heights, the dark, and even dentists. It’s pretty normal, but as parents, you want to ease your children’s fears and get rid of their dental fear and anxiety.

We, at Westwood Dental, understand how you feel and we’re here to help. We’re committed to providing the highest standard of dental care for your children. We treat our young patients with nitrous oxide to ensure a comfortable and stress-free dental visit.

Westwood Dental also takes pride in having a compassionate and skilled dental team who can make your children feel at ease while receiving dental treatment.

When it comes to your children’s dental health, there’s no better time than now. Learn how to deal with your children’s anxiety so you can have a successful pediatric dental visit, and discover the range of services we offer.

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What to Expect During a Pediatric Dental Visit

Pediatric dentistry covers the dental care of your children – from infancy to teenage years. If this will be the first time you’ll bring your children to a dentist, here are the usual scenarios you can expect:

  • Examination. We’ll examine your children’s teeth and look for signs of tooth decay or conditions that may require special care.
  • Information. Most first pediatric dental visits serve as an educational and informational opportunity for parents on how to properly care for their children’s teeth and gums, from how to clean them to how to protect their children’s oral health as best as possible. We’ll also discuss eating habits to help your children eat in a tooth-friendly way.
  • Prevention. You might want to know the best way to prevent cavities in your child. Or if you have any dental health-related questions, this is the perfect time to get the answers and guidance from us. We’ll give you tips on how to prevent tooth decay, correct oral habits like thumb sucking, reduce tooth sensitivity, and more.

Pediatric Dental Services in Malton, Ontario

  • Dental fillings. We’ll treat your children’s cavities by using dental fillings. These can take place on either baby teeth or permanent teeth. During the procedure, we’ll remove the tooth decay and fill the hole with a white composite or metal material. Filling a cavity helps save and preserve your children’s teeth. But if we notice severe tooth decay, we’ll recommend getting a dental crown. And to prevent cavities, we can apply dental sealants.
  • Fluoride treatment. To give your children maximum protection against cavities, our dental team provides fluoride treatment. It is generally safe and recommended for children every six months. During the treatment, fluoride is applied directly to your children’s teeth using a brush, mouthwash, swab, or tray. It only takes a few minutes to apply, and your children should refrain from eating or drinking for 30 minutes following the procedure to allow the fluoride to fully absorb.
  • Tooth extraction. While most children lose their teeth naturally, there are instances when a tooth extraction is necessary. We may perform tooth extractions for your children when their teeth are severely decayed, damaged by injury or trauma, or impacted to prevent adult teeth from erupting.

Other pediatric dental services we offer are early orthodontics, growth & development, preventive dentistry, and restorative dentistry.

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