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Implant Retained Dentures

Are your dentures starting to get loose? Or have you been missing teeth for a long time?

Do you have trouble eating, especially chewy or hard foods? Or have your dentures been causing gum inflammation or irritation?

It may be time to consider implant-retained dentures. And here at Westwood Dental, we’re ready to address your dental problems and help you regain your confidence with a beautiful smile.

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Who needs implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are often recommended to people who have lost some or all their teeth. They are also an option for individuals who are using traditional dentures but are experiencing problems with comfort, fit, and stability.

Your dentist may likewise recommend getting implant-retained dentures for the following reasons:

  • Chewing and eating difficulties. If you’ve been using traditional dentures, you have most likely experienced them slipping around while eating. And such makes it more difficult to chew and eat foods. However, with implant-retained dentures, you’ll have a more stable bite and be able to improve your chewing ability.
  • Aesthetics and confidence. With implant-retained dentures, you’ll enjoy more natural-looking teeth. Plus, they do not just restore your natural smile but also boost your confidence in smiling in front of people. You don’t need to be self-conscious and worry whether your dentures will slip or fall out. Also, wearing dentures allows you to speak clearly. So, if you wear implant-retained dentures the right way, your ability to speak will surely be improved.
  • Bone preservation. Missing teeth can potentially lead to bone loss, and this is what implant-retained dentures aim to prevent.

Indeed, implant-retained dentures offer several advantages. They don’t slip like traditional dentures. They help prevent bone loss in your jaw. They look like natural teeth. And most of all, they restore oral health, appearance, and function.

What’s the difference between implant-retained dentures and implant-supported dentures?

While trying to learn about implant-retained dentures, you might have encountered another dental solution called implant-supported dentures. Don’t get confused, though. We’ll help you understand their differences. Both solutions serve the same purposes, but they achieve them in different ways.

Implant-supported dentures are likewise similar to traditional dentures. However, they don't rest on top of your gums but are attached directly to your jawbone using dental implants. Such dentures offer improved stability for chewing, eating, and speaking.

On the other hand, implant-retained dentures require fewer dental implants, are removable, and can be cleaned and easily clipped back into place.

One difference between the two is that implant-retained dentures are cared for by taking them out and cleaning them thoroughly, while implant-supported dentures can be cared for like your natural teeth.

Another difference is that you cannot sleep with your implant-retained dentures, whereas implant-supported dentures do not require the same.

Are you a candidate for implant-retained dentures?

There are different things to consider before getting an implant-retained denture. To help you know if you are qualified for it, schedule a consultation with a dentist in Malton, ON. You can call Westwood Dental at (905) 677-7133 today for an appointment.