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Night guards and Custom sports guards

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Dentists commonly recommend night guards and custom sport guards for patients of all ages. Night guards protect teeth and jaws during sleep from the clenching and grinding associated with bruxism - an extremely common condition which causes tooth damage, headaches, and jaw disorders - while custom sport guards serve to shield the mouth during contact sports that pose risks of dental trauma or other activities that might put a person's wellbeing at risk.

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Night Guards

Night guards are recommended by dentists to patients of all ages who exhibit signs of bruxism, such as tooth sensitivity or pain, worn or chipped teeth, jaw pain, headaches, or neck and shoulder discomfort. Bruxism can cause considerable damage to teeth and jaw bones that leads to chronic discomfort as well as misalignments of the teeth or other dental problems - wearing a night guard protects both from its pressures while decreasing damage risk and alleviating discomfort.

Custom Sports Guards

Custom sports guards are recommended for patients who regularly participate in contact sports such as football, hockey, and boxing, or any sport where head contact can occur. Furthermore, sports guards should also be worn when engaging in non-contact activities like skateboarding, skiing, or rock climbing which present risks of dental trauma.

Custom sports guards provide additional layers of protection for teeth and jaws when playing sports, serving to lessen dental trauma risk as well as jaw fracture or dislocation. By fitting over the teeth, these custom guards create a barrier between them and any soft tissues of a child's mouth, thus decreasing risks such as dental trauma and jaw fracture or dislocation.

Who needs night guards and custom sports guards?

Night guards and custom sports guards may benefit individuals of any age; there's no minimum or maximum age that works best. While night guards are typically recommended for adults, they may also benefit children and adolescents who grind their teeth during sleep. Younger children tend to have different dental needs than adults and require more frequent checkups and adjustments so as to ensure a proper fit.

How do I use night guards and custom sports guards?

For optimal night guard and custom sports guard use, patients should schedule an appointment with their dental office. At this appointment, the dentist will evaluate their teeth and gums, taking an impression which will then be used to create a custom guard with optimal protection for maximum wear and comfort. Fitting processes may take multiple appointments before reaching maximum protection and comfort.

The cost of custom sport and night guards will depend on several factors, such as its type, materials used and dental insurance coverage. Some plans may cover some or all costs for protective gear so it is wise to consult your provider regarding options that might apply.

Dentists frequently advise patients of all ages to wear night and custom sports guards in order to reduce dental damage and injuries. Night guards protect teeth from grinding pressures while sporting guards reduce dental trauma during contact sports and other activities. Securing one is simple. Simply visit your dental office for an impression taking of your teeth; once complete a customized guard will be made just for you! Protective gear provides peace of mind, improves the quality of life, and helps prevent long-term damage to both teeth and jawbones.

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